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The truths of human experience, both archaic and contemporary, captured in astrology, mythology, psychoanalysis, and esoteric sciences were a third language for me, a way for me to make meaning of external reality.

As a little girl, storytelling was my greatest joy. Encouraged by my arts-loving parents and enabled by public education, I went to museums, Broadway, and the Metropolitan Opera to satiate my curiosity and wonder of “how do people live?” 

The stories of my youth sparked global travel in my teens and 20s. I studied abroad at the age of 15, going to Bulgaria and visiting the sites of the Balkans and Ancient Greece, developing an understanding of the development of Western civilization: its cosmologies and ideas and the connections to my Indian civilization.


From 2006 - 2018,  I studied, worked, and traveled across five continents, pursuing knowledge of Big Issues that affect modern life. As a graduate scholar, I researched migration, women’s liberation, and healthcare.  As a management consultant, I worked with large institutions and diverse teams concerned with education, public health, medicine, and the information systems that shape our understanding of the world.

Throughout, I learned that the “ how and why” we do things, our genius and follies – are driven by the stories we exist within, a concentric set of circles encompassing our inner and outer universe.

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At my Saturn return – a time around ages 27 to 30 when we ‘grow up’ – all that I had absorbed through my work and travels coalesced around a passion to work 1:1 to support individual meaning-making. Since 2018, through study and practice, I have taken on my current role as a trusted counsel, through astrology and psychotherapy, to navigate individual life caught in uncertain times.  



My tools are the language of astrology, the theories of psychotherapy, and my lived experience as a traveler, scholar, mother, and woman. My aim is to facilitate self-awareness, healing through curiosity, and acceptance through understanding ones unique set of stories. 

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