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60 min for $129





This is a classic astrology consultation focusing on your unique natal chart.

It is an ideal option if you’ve never had an astrology consultation or would like a perspective based on a traditional approach that looks at both inner and outer manifestations of your personality and life circumstances.

Taking account of the whole chart, this consultation gives a holistic understanding of your life as you experience it and provides timely guidance on the cycles you are in and entering.

The consultation enables

  • Deeper insight on self and circumstances

  • Clarity on path forward in specific life areas

  • Healing through better self-understanding

Types of consultation (specify your focus from the list below)

  • Core Life Themes and Year Ahead: this is a classic astrology consultation to illuminate your core character and life themes, allowing for deeper self-awareness, acceptance, and healing. You’ll receive a thorough understanding of your chart signatures and guidance in navigating the important cycles and quality of time you are in at the moment.

  • Career Signatures and Cycles of Growth: go deep into uncovering your purpose and praxis - your work in the world - as symbolized by the primary career and life direction signatures in your chart. You’ll receive insight to align your purpose with your innate capabilities and resources, and be empowered to time your trajectory according to your personal development cycles. 

  • Relationship Themes and Timing: this consultation lays out the major signatures of how you connect, love and partner up in the world. You’ll receive insight on your personal style and relational needs, the circumstances surrounding different types of relationships, as well as timing cycles. Relationships of all kinds can be considered, including romantic, familial, and non-romantic partnerships.

All consultations are 60 minutes on Zoom or In-Person (Brooklyn, NY), and includes a copy of your natal chart and video recording. 


Preparation for astrological consultations takes time; as such, payments must be made at the time of scheduling. Missed appointments with no notification or less than 24 hours notice are considered forfeit and will require another payment to book a new session. If you need to cancel the session with a full refund, please contact Piyali at least 24 hours in advance at To reschedule, contact Piyali at at least 24 hours in advance to set a new session time at no extra charge; to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice incurs a $50 fee to re-book a new session time. In the unusual event that Piyali is unable to keep your scheduled appointment, you will be re-booked at the earliest session at your convenience, or provided a full refund if you prefer.


Astrology is an ancient practice meant to provide guidance to individuals. It is not a replacement for professional medical, legal, financial, or other industry experts. While Piyali is a licensed psychotherapist/clinical social worker, astrology consultations are not meant to be psychotherapy sessions. Piyali encourages all clients to seek out the professional expertise needed, related to health, physical and mental well-being, financial and legal matters, and for interpersonal issues. Accordingly, Piyali Kundu-Veldhoven does not individually provide or imply any guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind and is not responsible for any interpretation, use or actions of her clients based upon the information provided above. Piyali Kundu-Veldhoven assumes no responsibility and is not liable in any way for any thought or action you take or fail to take as a result of a consultation with her.

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