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Jupiter in Aries

“You’ll never know unless you go, and the risk is always worth it”

The above was my high school yearbook quote and I am warmly reminded of it as Jupiter has entered Aries as of May 10 for a five month journey until October 28. I personally have Jupiter in Aries in my natal chart, and as the ruler of my Ascendant/Rising sign, the enthusiastic, come-what-may energy permeates throughout my life and personality.

Jupiter, known to ancient astrologers as the Greater Benefic, was called that due its brilliance in the night sky, its associations being temperate and moist - fruitful conditions for life. Growth, balance, and a magnanimous temperament belong to its nature. It rules over authority figures, educational, religious, social, and governmental institutions, including courts and universities, politicians and lawyers and educators.

Jupiter will be in Aries for the next 5 months, dip back into Pisces until December 20, after which it will return once more to Aries until May 2023.

The energy of the time

As Aries is a cardinal fire sign, Jupiter’s expression will dramatically change as he moves away from his nocturnal home in Pisces, where the beneficence may have been more inwardly felt. Jupiter in a cardinal sign brings fortune to our initiatives, in the form of inspiration, confidence, and an optimism about our risks. We are feeling good about starting things and can expect many firsts and starts to hallmark this period. Cardinal energy is a powerful spark, but sustenance, maintenance and longevity are harder won. It is a good time to get the ball rolling, recognizing that ups and downs and changes will occur. Jupiter lends some stability to the Aries impulse in the part of your natal chart where Aries presides and where you may be more quick to act and act out.

Jupiter is well suited in a fire sign, its other home sign being Sagittarius, as it can bring forth its bounty and outwardly expresses itself. The warm moisture of Jupiter heats up in Aries, adding momentum, speed, and charge to endeavors. Jupiter in Aries wants to start now and move onward. Especially the period between May 25 - July 5 when Mars is co-present with Jupiter in Aries expect much impulsive and forthright action to take place. “Act first and ask questions later” may be the vibe in the air, with an overconfident attitude that may need introspection further on. Expect a marked disregard for authority especially late May and late July.

Collective energy

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was from June - September 2010 and January - June 2011. Highlights of Aries energy during this period emphasized individual initiative, pioneering innovations, being “first”, conflict and combativeness.

Some notable firsts of that time include the June 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa - the first time it was hosted in an African nation. That summer of 2010 was also the debut of Uber and of Instagram - whose names epitomize the winning, instantaneous nature of Aries. Both companies also completely changed our relationship to speed in commuting and communicating, putting the self first. I expect both of these issue areas to be revisited starting late July through early 2023 when Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, goes through Taurus and Gemini, signs that focus on material goods and communications. Especially around July 30 and August, when Mars meets Uranus in Taurus, conflicts in how we organize our “essential work” or manage our necessary commodities, like food and fuel, may be come to the fore.

The 2010 - 2011 cycle of Jupiter in Aries also brought above explosive changes in geopolitics. The Arab Spring was sparked by the self immolation of a street vendor in Tunisia in January 2011, setting off people-power protests across the Middle East and North Africa. Wikileaks released its biggest trove of Gauntanamo files that Spring of 2011. With Jupiter taking its cues from Mars in Gemini from August - March 2023, the combination of Air and Fire makes a combustible combination for conflicts over communications.

Notably, much of the “action” of these events and firsts were short-lived or have undergone many changes, either by nature or due to loss of momentum and prone to shifting winds - staying power is not Aries energy. Its the inspiration and the eureka moment - not the brick and mortar or nuts and bolts.

I pulled some tarot cards for this collective period that speaks directly to Jupiter’s inspired focus in Aries taking cues from Mars in (initially) Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Jupiter in Aries renews and puts faith into the power of action, which spurs initiative in how we organize. With Pages, I expect young people coming up with brilliant slogans, on-point messaging, and the Instagram-worthy rallying cries that galvanize sympathies. This may be most acutely felt in areas involving people deemed “essential labor”, especially as Mars traverses longest in Taurus and Gemini. I associate these in the current moment of unionizing across essential services at a time of pandemic work recovery, and the questions of who is fighting wars, including wars of words and legal battles.


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