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New Beginnings: The Astrology of 2023

Happy New Year!

This year ended on a Saturday - Saturn’s day - which is a fitting closure to a year where Saturn’s pressures, responsibilities, and call to duty loomed large, collectively and individually. Saturn is closing out its journey in its home sign of Aquarius, departing for good on March 24, 2023, not to return “home” for another 30 years. Initiating the “Age of Air” in January 2020 with its conjunction with Pluto, and seeding the first of a 200 year cycle in Air signs with its conjunction with Jupiter in December 2020, we are in the beginnings of Air-mode: information, knowledge, technology, connections (or lack thereof), relations, ideas and ideologies the hallmarks of the zeitgeist of our times.

In 2023, we will be seeing the first glimpses of what that really means - just as a seed is not a plant, a grocery list the final meal to come, nor the New Moon visible - the beginnings of something are usually not the vantage point from which to start making meaning, gain understanding, or even see the road ahead. With these great conjunctions that Saturn has ushered in the last 2 years, a shift in our global/social/individual lives, it is only as Saturn (and Jupiter, and Pluto) move on, that we start to see how and in what ways the shift is manifesting.

2023 is the start of the moving forward, moving on: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all shift signs, significantly altering the momentum and the energies we have been living in for the last few years. These significant planets will be traversing into signs recently occupied by the others: deepening, manifesting, and/or solidifying the changes that have started since 2020 in those areas of life.

Jupiter has already left Pisces and entered Aries on 21 December 2022 and will be there for a good paced but impactful five months until 17 May 2023. Starting May 2024, Jupiter will then spend 12 months in Taurus. Jupiter in Aries will spark, in loud ways, the momentum to begin, initiate, and go after whatever has been seeded or dreamed about the last couple years. It’s a “just do it” vibe that is full of potential and optimism. Read more about Jupiter in Aries: .

Following in Jupiter’s heels, Saturn will be making a momentous shift into Pisces on 8 March 2023, starting its 3 year journey ending in 13 March 2026. The shifts of Jupiter into Aries and Taurus are the opening moves of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius from December 2020. Especially in the latter half of 2023, the combination of Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus - the combination of water and earth - is the manifesting, molding energy that tries to make real what was hitherto abstract or imagined.

Saturn into Pisces will be solidifying and bringing a sense of “coming to terms” with the changes brought on by Jupiter in Pisces in 2022. The Pisces part of your chart will be exteriorizing, after the introspection Jupiter ushered in this past year. Look out for a new blog post on this in January.

Finally, Pluto will enter Aquarius for a 20 year stay on 24 March 2023. For 3 months, it will dwell on the same 0 degrees of Aquarius that Jupiter-Saturn had their conjunction in December 2020. Pluto excavates - exposing the decay and vulnerabilities - while also amplifying the most potent forces at play. Going into the sign that Saturn was in since 2020, Pluto will show what was the underbelly of the changes that have started to shift in your Aquarius part of the chart. This will be a long 20 year journey, uprooting and reshaping that aspect of life in profound ways. I will write more on the impacts of this long transit in February.

In the meantime, here are the areas of life to watch out for undergoing initiatory changes. Move with the shifting to the new.

New beginnings and what you are initiating (for each rising sign)

Aquarius: Getting serious about resources - inner and outer - is a matter of finding balance with your day to day, the people around you, and sense of home and your foundations. Whatever you start, you are playing the long, future-forward game of life, but you already knew that.

Pisces: Your sense of self has shifted, and now its time to manifest your deeper introspections and dreams. Go for it, you have all the support you need, material, relational, and spiritual.

Aries: It’s time to start some soul-searching, an introspection or going inwards. You have much, relying on yourself and your closest, and it may be time to evaluate your hopes and goals, to align with how you show up in the world.

Taurus: The shape of your visions and goals are taking form - you’ve been out of your comfort zone the past few years, but are now buoyed and ready to step into the next phase. Have faith in yourself.

Gemini: Your place and prominence in the world is beginning to show (a hard earned achievement). As your horizons, vision, and goals expand, cultivate a meaningful philosophy on life grounded in reality.

Cancer: Your learning, development and self-improvement are beginning to take form, shaping your life direction. How you achieve your goals is based on how you relate and use what others are keen to give you - you are not alone.

Leo: Relationships are the keys to success, a lesson you’ve had a hard won path in treading. Initiate and make good on your commitments and contracts, your long term bonds depend on it.

Virgo: You’ve become more clear in what you want from others; now is the time to accept the nuances of relationships: the give and take. It isn’t all up to you, cultivate your own pace and peace.

Libra: How you have paid attention to your own needs and what you give to others the past 2 years is starting to show its consequences. Now is the time to take responsibility for yourself, body and mind - your long term joy, creative potential, and the quality of the fruits of your labor depends it.

Scorpio: You are starting to take your notions of joy and creativity seriously, after shedding and loss. What you give to others has undergone major shifts, ready now for a more mature perspective on significant relationships, home, and family.

Sagittarius: Going deep into family and foundations has set the stage for maturity across personal levels - how you create, care, and nurture self and loved ones will show up in big ways. Don’t run away, you are more capable than even you give yourself credit for.

Capricorn: Years of personal growth and development gives way to stepping into familial roles you had only just imagined a few years ago; you’re always the grown-up you’ve been waiting for, now is the time to embody it.


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