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New Moon in Virgo - new website!

What a pleasure it is to move away from the dramatic astro weather of the last couple months of summer and into cooler heads and environment of Virgo season!

It is firstly my pleasure to revamp this newsletter in its more refined and thought-through (both very Virgo traits!) format: my new website! You'll find my new services, booking calendar, and writing there. I am still doing natal consultation in 30 and 75 minute bookings, along with a package of 3 sessions to work more in depth on your chart. I've also incorporated tarot reading to some of my work, so check out that service as well if you are a returning client. My joy from this work continues to be to serve you in better navigating your path through the unique signatures of your own birth chart.

The Virgo New Moon this past Saturday ushers in a few weeks of get-the-job-done activity and taking stock, especially of and within (social) relationships, with Mars and Venus both highlighted at the time of the New and Full Moons. You'll get the chance to make, analyze, and reassess (redo?) agreements and decisions made later into the month and into Libra season.

There is a demand to keep it moving this New Moon as Mars, recently moved into Gemini, is making a dynamic aspect at the time of this initiation. Both the New Moon in Virgo and Mars in Gemini are ruled by Mercury, which has just moved into relationship-oriented Libra, where it will go retrograde on September 11, coming back into Virgo on 23 September - 11 October. This is exactly around the time of the Full Moon in Pisces on 10 September. Whatever needs to be reassessed will be clearly illuminated at this time.

Both the New and Full Moons this month has a prominent Venus, initially making a challenging aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, bringing a seriousness to the realm of relating and relationships, especially our social codes and contacts. These topics are amplified and analyzed further when she goes into Virgo on 5-28 September. During this time, she will make challenging aspects to Mars around 16 September. We are unhappy with our arrangements, or need to make decisions and concessions.

In your own chart, all the mutable signs are lit up, with dynamic movement and benefits, to be discerned and, in the worst case, redone, this Virgo season. Wherever this is in your chart will feel busy this period, with a culminating period between September 10 - 17 that brings to the fore what needs to be reviewed and decided upon.

At the moment I am considering doing monthly horoscopes again, but as it involves quite some time for all 12 signs, I would love to gauge your interest in reading these. Fill out the poll below to share your views!

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