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Astro-Tarot Mini Reading

Service Description

*For returning clients only* The combination of Astrology and Tarot enables: -Inspired and on the mark planning -Strategic decision-making -Peace of mind on pressing topics You will get guidance from the current astrological transits specific to your circumstance and relative to your natal chart. The Tarot gives a complementary, powerful set of insights on your issue. Option 1 : Guidance for a single pressing question related to career, relationships, finances, life direction, or important decisions you need to make. What you get: After sending Piyali a specific question focused on one area of life or decision-making problem, you will receive a direct description of the circumstances, opportunities and challenges surrounding that topic or decision point. Piyali’s guidance on ways forward comes in the form of options and their qualities. Option 2: Year Ahead Forecast (returning clients only): themes and timing from your birthday or other auspicious date, specific to your circumstances and relative to your natal chart. Option to have a 45 minute Zoom session for +$25. This can be a 30 min zoom call or video recording.

  • 30 min
  • 70 US dollars
  • Virtual (Zoom) or Video Recording

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